Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dresses, Dresses, and More Dresses

Do you find yourself attracted to one type of pattern over any other pattern?  I do.  And do you find that for whatever reason, you don't tend to wear that particular item of clothing much?  I certainly do!

I have a relatively small pattern stash.  Well, compared to some of the folks I read about over on anyway.  I currently have about 60 patterns in my Sewing Kit database.  Out of that I have 19 dress patterns and 9 skirt patterns.  I have only 2 pants patterns.  What do I wear on a daily basis?  You guessed it, pants/jeans! 

I'm not sure why I'm so attracted to the different dress patterns.  Especially since dresses in the stores only catch my eye occasionally.  But I definitely dream of making them all up someday. 

Here are some of the patterns in my stash just for you to drool over as I do thinking of the potential.

I actually have this one as Simplicity 0345 - which is the view without the bow:

This one is very young and flirty:

I love this one in the plaid:

And my most recent purchase - (for the day dress, not the evening one):

Happy Sewing!